Named and shamed

paparazzi, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry

The photographer being pursued by Kate Middleton's lawyers has been revealed as Niraj Tanna(not pictured in this blog-no juxtaposition libel suits please) from Ikon Pictures.

Apparently Tanna spent Christmas following Prince William's girlfriend, and even tried to snap her through the window while she was at dinner with her family on Christmas day.

The pap then distributed the pictures via Rex Features, only to have the shots declined by several papers. This one was a bit predictable really wasn't it? As recently as December the Queen herself warned the media that they were walking a legal tightrope in regards to their relationship with the royals. So not only do they have the right to privacy under the European Convention on Human Rights, but now also under the editors' code of practice which protects people seeking "a reasonable expectation of privacy".

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