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My new and improved blog is here: http://webviarich.tumblr.com


Art in film

We're taking the stylistic route of Journalism for the last semester of our degrees, and producing a documentary revolving around 24 hours in Winchester. The film will feature short stories of 'every day' people in Winchester-working in pairs each group follows a random person around (with their permission) for five hours or so and tries to capture what their life is really about. The story behind the story if you like. The technical problems in filming a piece this big is the truth behind it-as it's all based on 24 hours in Winchester we all have to film on the same day, meaning the loan counter staff aren't too keen on us at the moment and will be fresh out of equipment that day. The GVs are going to be flimed in a Powaqqatsi styled way, and the interviews/tailing in a similar fashion to D A Pennebaker's 'Don't look back'.

I watched Powaqqatsi yesterday and had some pretty good ideas and drew up some designs for shot types and shooting locations. As a footnote, Powaqqatsi is actually pretty good, which I suppose I should have expected seeing as it was presented by Francis Ford Coppola.

Omar and I are going to be shooting 4pm til midnight on the actual day so hopefully there'll be either a decent sunset, loads of rain or settled snow.

SEO experiment

Have started another blog on a different account-the new blog has a very narrow range of content and I'm interested to see how the SEO results will vary. Keywords and meta tags are much easier to assign because the posts are always about the same things. Analytics stats are looking hopeful, but only at day 3 so far. I reckon the new blog will overtake this one in Alexa within a month. Today the second blog has a 'no data' rank on alexa though which I think means it is below 25 million. I'll post any results on this blog and even refrain from linking to it for free link bait.

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